Historically, investors have built a wall separating the money you spend from the money you invest. What if you could replace that wall with a bridge?

Baird’s Cash and Lending Services lets you treat your wealth holistically, integrating the banking services you use every day into your larger wealth management plans. Working with your Baird Financial Advisor, you would be able to:

  • Take a current snapshot of your net worth
  • Feed the returns from your personal savings into your investment accounts automatically
  • Enjoy traditional banking services like check writing, insured deposits and a Baird debit card with ATM access
  • Open margin and lending accounts
  • Take advantage of Baird's Cash Management Awards program and conceirge services

Your Baird Financial Advisor can help make sure all of your money is working for you.


  • Older couple looking at documents on a laptop in kitchen.
    I want to see my current, complete financial picture in one place.
  • Two sets of hands cradling a small ceramic house.
    It would be great if I could fund a second home purchase without liquidating securities from my investment account.
  • Young female sitting in passenger's seat with feet on car's dashboard.
    I want a plan to help me organize and pay off my debts.