While men and women often share the same financial goals, that’s not always the whole story. If you’ve ever left the workforce to raise a family, cared for a sick or aging family member or suddenly found yourself single following a divorce or the death of a spouse, you know how a life event people experience every day can have a profound – and often disproportionate – impact on your financial health. The topics shared here are intended to serve as a resource – so you have the information and insight you need to make smart, informed decisions about your financial future.

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Resources for Women Investors

Portrait of Business Woman
Relaunching your Career During COVID

Baird Women Advisors, a network of female Financial Advisors at Baird, offers five tips for those thinking about heading back to work during the COVID pandemic.

Woman sitting at desk working on laptop
Inside the Gender Wage Gap

Despite all the strides women have made toward equality in the American workplace, the gender pay gap remains frustratingly persistent.

Mother, wearing glasses, and holding infant son, looking at laptop screen
How to Organize Your Financial Life

Keeping your financial documents organized might feel like a chore but it can be a lifesaver in an emergency. Here’s how to organize your financial life in the event you may need your loved one’s help.

Mother and son working together at a laptop
Wealth and the Single Parent

Making smart financial choices while raising kids on your own can require additional planning and discipline.

Two women sitting at a conference room table talking and using a laptop.
What Women Need to Know About Social Security

Generally speaking financial planning decisions are typically the same for women and men; however the Social Security benefits decision is one women should pay extra attention to.

Mature mother and daughter discussing finances over coffee.
Is It Time To Have "the Talk" With Your Parents?

It can be tough to talk with aging or ailing parents about their financial future. We offer some guidance on how you can break the ice, handle the paperwork and create a formal plan that meets your parents’ wishes. 

Mother and daughter counting coins.
Teaching Kids to be Fiscally Fit

For any parent, one of the most valuable lessons you can teach your children is how to be smart with money. It’s a process that continues throughout their lives, so no matter how old your kids are, there are lessons to be imparted.

Family sitting on a couch reading a book.
Saving for College: A Brief Guide for Parents

Planning for college is a long-term endeavor that becomes much easier with careful planning. Here are key questions to get started on providing for your kids’ education.

Female advisor speaking with client.
Taking Control of Your Financial Future

Here are ways to stay in charge of your own money.

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