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Strategas – a Baird Company provides Market Strategy and timely perspective to help you better understand what’s happening in the world today and what it means for your portfolio and plans. These premier insights combine investment strategy, macroeconomic perspective, government policy research, technical analysis and a deep understanding of the fixed income and equity markets. This comprehensive Market Strategy complements and enhances our investment and planning solutions for you.

Market Strategy Weekly

Weekly Market commentary series produced by Strategas. View the latest commentary below.

Blockbuster Growth Means Higher Earnings, But Will Investors Follow?

With the vaccine rollout gaining serious momentum, a durable economic recovery seems not just closer at hand than it did at the start of the year – it also looks primed to be more propulsive than we previously expected.

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Wealth Planning Strategies for 2021

Introducing Market Strategy by Strategas, a Baird Company

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Gauge remains neutral; Market still mildly attractive

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Perspectives on Investing

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The Year of Living Dangerously

After a year of working from home and fearing this market, Ross Mayfield reflects on what the pandemic has taught millennials about investing.

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Market Mailbag: What Dangers Lurk Around the Corner?

Baird's experts weight in on the biggest threats to today's stock market.

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How to Deal with the Inevitable Volatility

Be still, sad heart! Into each life some rain must fall.

John Taft and Michael Antonelli
To Bubble or Not to Bubble: That is the Question

Are the current sky-high stock market valuations sustainable? Baird's John Taft and Mike Antonelli discuss whether we're in a bubble, and how investors should deal with it.

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ESG Under the Microscope

Baird's John Taft and Chris Merker on how ESG is evolving and what investors shoudl watch out for.

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The Dangers of Portfolio Tinkering”

"Your money is like a bar of soap - the more you handle it, the less you'll have."

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Staying the Course

Focus too much on day-to-day market performance and you could miss the larger trend.

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Diversification: The "Free Lunch" of Portfolio Building

While diversification doesn’t guarantee against loss, it is one of the most successful strategies for portfolio building over the long term. Updated: August 18, 2020

Bull & Baird

Get the Baird's eye view of the trading day.

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Michael Antonelli, PWM Market Strategist, along with Ross Mayfield, Investment Strategy Analyst, discuss inflation, and strategies to consider if you're concerned about how it might impact your financial plan.

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